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TWENTY THOUSAND tonnes  of Loligo squid have been caught during the first month of the fishery, so it is “doing well,” Senior Fisheries Scientist Sasha Arkhipkin confirmed to Penguin News this week. 
A pre-recruitment survey carried out in February just before the first fishing season found aggregations of quite small squid only in the southern part of the Loligo Box (to the east of Beauchene Island) explained Dr Arkhipkin. 

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CMO responds to healthcare concerns

AN OVERSUBSCRIBED visiting optician, paediatric care and bowel cancer screening, are just a few of subjects about health care in the Falklands raised as a result of election debates and discussions between election candidates and voters.

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17 candidates finally declare

WITH the deadline for applications gone by and the results gazetted on October 23 it has been formally declared that there are seventeen candidates standing in the General Election to be held on November  9.

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